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Retro gingernut, brandy & cream Yule log recipe for mere mortals

THIS old-school dessert is stupidly simple and quick to make, yet it looks and tastes divine. No baking is required, so it’s perfect for when you’re busy. It is decadent, indulgent and laced with booze, just like the perfect Christmas.

10 servings, 10 minutes (ish)

You’ll need two bowls and a long plate or board


50ml medium white wine

50g caster sugar

50ml brandy

200ml extra thick double cream

Pack of gingernut biscuits

50ml fresh orange juice

Icing sugar (for decorating)


Take a bowl and mix together the wine, sugar and half the brandy. Gradually whisk in the cream until it looks like fluffy, snowy peaks (festive, eh?).

Pour the other half of the brandy into a separate bowl and add the orange juice. Mix.

Take your plate or board and run a smear of the cream mixture up the centre to help the log stay put.

Dunk one biscuit, very briefly or it will disintegrate, at a time into the brandy and orange then sandwich them together with a dollop of cream. Then just build a sandwich tower.

Once it is long enough to fit the length of your base, gently lower it onto the line of cream you smeared earlier.

Using the remaining cream, smother the entire thing and rough it up a bit to look like a log. Use any leftover cream/biscuits to create a second, small log to jut out of the side.

Pop in the fridge for a couple of hours/overnight, by which time the brandy-soaked gingernuts will have turned to moist sponge.

Garnish with chocolate curls, raspberries, a simple sprig of holly, or whatever floats your boat.

When serving, cut on a slant for a lovely stripy pattern.