Diamond teasers. Two of Dorset’s leading young jewellers are giving the high streets a run for their money

franses and noble jewel


Be more Sherlock 

Want to look effortlessly cool? Take a leaf out of Benedict Cumberbatch’s book. He wears that Sherlock TV wardrobe so well.

Most of the pieces are classic British brands, or top-end designer, yet the way he wears them makes them so low-key.

The coat is the hot-ticket item. It just makes everything else work and, with its red-stitched buttonhole, looks a little bit street, a little bit edgy. It’s by Belstaff, but Ben’s model is no longer available. The new version – The Milford, £1,095 – is a perfect substitute. Never button it up. Ever.

The Jaxon & James grey tweed deerstalker is an altogether trickier number. You’ll need a strong jaw and a thick skin to traipse confidently down the high street in this. But if you’re going the whole hog, it’s essential and costs just over £20. Do not untie the bow at any time. You’ll look stupid.

Hand-made brogues – goes without saying. Black, punched, laced, good leather. Scuffed is good. Scuffed is very good.

Beautifully-cut shirts are key. They should look unimportant, plain, relaxed and a little bit crumpled. Open-neck. Always. Black, white, grey, possibly claret? Dolce & Gabanna’s work. £235 Selfridges/Harrods.

Mulberry wool scarf. Non-primary colour. No pattern. Cashmere, naturally. £195.

Dents hand-sewn, lambswool lined Oxford Leather Gloves. Black, of course. £64.95.

NEW MILFORD TRENCH COAT http-::www.belstaff.co.uk:new-milford-trench-coatCashmere & Wool £1095

Belstaff Milford-trench-black

deerstalkler jaxon & james £21.95

Deerstalkler Jaxon & James £21.95

cheaneyhand made brogue £350

Cheaney hand-made brogue £350.

D&G shirt £235

D&G shirt £235


D&G shirt £235



Mulberry cashmere scarf